Double Cassette | Compact Cassette Player BA-823 Amplifier TOA Canada



1. Two auto-reverse cassette player modules ensure easy
servicing and replacement.
2. Dolby B-type noise reduction.
3. Pulse contact for timer-controlled operation.
4. Track Sequence switch adds playback variety.
5. Units cycle automatically or via external timer for
continuous play.
6. Full-range, natural sounding playback.
(frequency response: 50—15,000Hz)
7. Built-in AGC circuit maintains constant output levels.
8. Blank Skip function quickly and automatically advances
tape to next recorded selection.
9. Rack-mountable with optional bracket kit.
Dolby noise reduction manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories
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Double Cassette | Compact Cassette Player BA-823 Amplifier TOA Canada

Features and further details: TOA’s BA-800 Double Cassette

TOA’s BA-800 Series of stereo dual cassette players/player amplifiers is ideally suited for locations where enjoyable background or foreground music is desired, including shopping centers, offices, supermarkets and restaurants. The series consists of three models: the BA-823 with a 2 x 30W, 4Ω stereo output; the BA-806, featuring 60W of monaural output at 4Ω, or 10Ω; 25V/83 Ω; 70V outputs; and the BA-800 dual cassette player. Each model is ruggedly constructed to provide dependable performance and extended frequency response, for full-range, natural sounding playback.

The BA-800 Series delivers endless playback of up to two pre-recorded cassettes. A track sequence switch adds variety to double cassette playback. A no-voltage pulse contact is provided for timer control operation. When used with two C-90 tapes, 180 minutes of uninterrupted BGM/FGM is possible. In addition, four BA-800 units may be linked to provide continuous eight-cassette playing time of 720 minutes.

All models are equipped with two CU-800 auto-reverse cassette play modules, which feature Dolby B-type noise reduction and deliver up to 2,000 hours of play time. Each unit houses a switchable AGC (Automatic Gain Control) to maintain playback output at a constant level. A blank skip function eliminates annoying periods of silence by automatically skipping forward at top speed if an unrecorded section more than ten seconds long is encountered during playback. Optional kits allow the BA-800 Series to be mounted on a standard EIA 19″ cabinet rack.


  • Model No. BA-806/BA-823 Power Requirements:120V AC, 50/60Hz Power Consumption: 100W Output Power: 60W 30W+30W
  • Distortion: Less than 1% (1 kHz at rated output on AUX 2 input) Less than 0.5% (1 kHz at rated output on AUX 2 input )
  • Frequency Response: TAPE: 50—15,000 Hz AUX2: 50—20,000 Hz (±3dB)
  • Tone Controls: BASS: 100Hz ± 10dB TREBLE: 10,000Hz ± 10dB
  • Inputs: MIC: 200Ω 1mV, balanced AUX1: 50kΩ 100mV, unbalanced AUX2: 600Ω 1V, unbalanced LINK IN (signal): 10 kΩ 150mV, unbalanced
  • Outputs Speaker Output Line Output: 4Ω/10Ω; 25V/83Ω; 70V L; 4Ω/R; 4Ω L; 4Ω/R; 4Ω / 600Ω 1V, unbalanced
  • S/N Ratio TAPE: 50dB (Dolby NR: OFF), AGC OFF 60dB (Dolby NR: ON), AGC OFF MIC: 60dB
  • Usable Tape: Compact cassette tapes Tape Speed: 4.76cm/sec.
  • Wow and Flutter: Less than 0.2% (WRMS)
  • Playing System: Auto Reverse
  • Finish: Front Panel: Aluminum, alumite process (black)/ABS resin Case: Steel color plate (black)

Dimensions: 16.6″(W) x 3.8″ (H) x 13.8″ (D) (420(W) x 97(H) x 350(D)mm)

The pictures is a preview of what the item should look like. You will receive a New factory sealed box.

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